Academic Writing

Workshops and Coaching


Writing and Publishing Research in English

Professor Monique Dorang provides workshops on academic writing and publishing and equally offers support through personal counselling and didactic editing.

What workshop participants say ...

“You provided us with important techniques and materials to improve our writing skills so that we can communicate our research better.”
Adonia, Crete


“I especially liked the positive and encouraging atmosphere in which 'writing' did not appear to be an annoying duty but a pleasure.”
Iris, Germany


“Not only have I acquired new concepts with regard to scientific writing but also, now, I have more confidence in my writing style.”
Farah, Iran


“Thanks to this workshop, I think I have made huge progress in understanding how to be a good scientific writer.”
Antonio, Spain


“This workshop was extremely useful for me, not only with regard to writing my thesis or research articles, but also concerning my academic writing career as a whole.”
Chinh, Vietnam


“It was a pleasure because writing was not being dealt with as a problem but rather as Art.”
Jochen, Germany